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The “First World” has lessons to learn about community building!

The Bajio is a region in Central Mexico which is made up of the States of Guanajuato, Queretaro, and Jalisco as well as a part of Michoacan. It is an area of extreme poverty and lack of economic opportunity. The able-bodied men of the area migrate north to the United States leaving their family members(mainly […]

The student walkouts at East LA Schools – 45 years later: Have things changed?

It is a time, an event, that is lionized in the mythos of Latinos in the United States and especially among the Chicanos of East Los Angeles. The first week of March 1968 when students at Lincoln High School and several other Los Angeles schools walked out of classes to protest the discrimination they faced […]

How Republicans in a ‘swing’ state view Latinos—A personal perspective

Let me start with a little background: I live in Kenosha, a city in Wisconsin, which everyone in the media and politics identified as one of the ‘battleground’ or ‘swing’ states in the 2012 Presidential election. I am also a Caucasian, socially-liberal, fiscally-conservative Republican male who is involved in my local Hispanic community as the […]