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Historic challenge to the Voting Rights Act

Section 5 of the 1964 Voting Rights Act requires certain covered jurisdictions (mostly but not exclusively in the South) to get the pre-clearance of the federal government before they can make any changes in their voting laws. These changes can range anywhere from voter registration rules to changes in polling locations. It was supposed to […]

Mexico’s new education laws: reform or political power play?

On Feb. 26, just days before radical new educational reforms were scheduled to take effect, Elba Esther Gordillo, head of Mexico’s powerful teacher’s union for almost a quarter century, was arrested and charged with embezzling 2 billion pesos (approximately $160 million) from her union during her tenure. The question that is foremost on everyone’s mind: […]


The parting of the ways between the California Republican Party and Latino voters occurred in 1994 with the passage of Proposition 187which was championed by the Party and then-Governor Pete Wilson. Though it was subsequently ruled unconstitutional and litigation regarding it ended in 1999, no Republican candidate with the exception of Arnold Schwarzenegger has won […]

TROUBLE IN THE HEIGHTS: Come for the Action; Leave with a New Perspective!

Trouble in the Heights is a low-budget independent film set and filmed in the New York City neighborhood of Washington Heights. “It begins one night under the great expanse of the George Washington Bridge. Young Javy and his friend Robbie are two adolescents growing up in the predominantly Dominican neighborhood of New York’s Washington Heights. […]

Tememos Un Papa, y es un Latinoamericano?

Days after the resignation of Pope Benedict XVI goes into effective at 8pm on February 28th, the Princes of the Church, the Cardinals, from around the world will gather at the Vatican to elect from among themselves, the new leader of the Roman Catholic Church, the next successor to Peter as the Vicar of Christ […]