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The New Rome? Games and Circuses…and Bread!

In the heyday of the Roman Empire, the Emperors kept their place at the top by giving the people of the capital city what they wanted most: gladiatorial extravaganzas, circuses and cheap food. Today, the leaders of cities, states, and countries use similar methods. The modern-day ’emperors’ are democratically elected so the pressure to provide […]

Historic Challenge to Voter Rights Act—Update

Though you may have missed it in all the media attention around the ruling on California’s Proposition 8, the US Supreme Court issued its ruling in the historic Shelby v Holder this week. It was a suit by Shelby County, Alabama, against the US Department of Justice challenging the pre-clearance provisions of the Voters Rights […]

We need a larger pie not smaller bites for everyone!

“The idea is not to fight over the national pie(the GNP) but to grow the pie with market-oriented economic policies that generates social mobility.” (Tweet by Daniel Garza, Executive Director of the LIBRE Initiative) When we have a celebration or a family get-together and more people attend than we thought were coming, do we expect […]

Aren’t Most Crimes ‘Hate Crimes’ by Definition?!

Do we really need hate crimes laws? Aren’t MOST crimes “hate” crimes?                                                     John Stossel on Twitter(6-6-2013) The Merriam-Webster Dictionary definesa ‘hate crime’ as: any of various crimes (as assault or defacement of property) when motivated by hostility to the victim as a member of a group (as one based on color, creed, gender, or […]

Image Issues: Ending Stereotypes!

New York Puerto Ricans, specifically Boricuas For A Positive Image, are working to ban Coors Beer as a sponsor of this year’s Puerto Rican Day Parade because they feel that it is not only a symptom of the commercialism which has taken over the event but also because they want to promote a healthier lifestyle […]