Details, Details, Details…

JULY 11, 2013  Sacramento News and Review    Unpublished Letter to the Editor

Re “What if…” by Jeff VonKaenel(SN&R Greenlight, July 3):

One would hope that someone writing for your newspaper would have a basic grasp of how the government works and where it gets its money to fund its programs including the subsidies it is planning on providing under the Affordable Care Act. This is especially important given the analogy he uses to try and make his point in comparing health insurance to homeowners insurance(or fire insurance as he calls it). Also he should consult insurance experts or at least look at his own homeowners and health insurance policies before using the bogus scenario he made up for the article.

First, the money that will be used by the ‘government’ to subsidize the policies of those who are young or unemployed will come from the taxes paid by the taxpayers of America—not grown on a mythical government money tree. So, the analogy the writer uses in the last paragraph of his article which he says we don’t want to see (…you definitely don’t want to be in the situation where your neighbor’s house burns down, and everyone on the block has to pay to rebuild it…) will be and is the reality of the Affordable Care Act.

Second, insurance policies, whether for automobiles, homeowners, or health insurance have pages at the front of the policy which spell out the deductibles(and co-pays) in simple detail. They are not hidden ‘on page 47, paragraph three’ of his fanciful 98 page policy.

Third, the writer fails to talk about the many bi-partisan alternatives which were not allowed to be discussed at the time the Obama’s so-called Affordable Care Act was being debated. Alternatives which actually did something to lower the cost of medical care and make it AFFORDABLE and not merely created another governmental mandate.

And finally, the writer does not acknowledge that though we have mandatory automobile insurance requirements here in California and several other states, there are tens of thousands of drivers who still don’t have insurance and yet still drive. Similarly, the legislation which passed which will mandate health insurance for everyone will still leave millions of Americans without coverage. This is a fact even the Obama Administration concedes.

Perhaps this publication ought to hire more informed or, at least, more thorough and detail-oriented writers.

Jeffery Cassity


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