JULY 11, 2013 edition of the Sacramento News and Review    Letter to the Editor

Re “Sactopia: What if Sacramento seceded from the nation”(SN&R Local Stories, July 3):

I truly enjoyed this tongue-in-cheek article. It was a great article highlighting the kumbayah spirit that makes up what is seen as the ‘real’ Sacramento by the editors and staff of this newspaper as opposed to the harsh realities faced by most of its citizens. This spirit is further highlighted by the story in the same edition’s News section “Passed Over”(by Dave Kampa).
Instead of reporting with cold facts, the writer and us readers would be better served if the writer had taken a few days and ‘walked the walk’ instead of just ‘talking the talk’. That is, live as a homeless person would and provide a first-hand account.

Also it would be great if SN&R would dedicate an edition to talking about solutions to the problems: homelessness, gang violence, drug abuse, etc. and getting those possible solutions put into effect instead of merely just talking about how terrible the problems are.

Jeffery Cassity



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