Celebrating the Fourth—Sac-style!

My first Fourth of July celebration since moving from Kenosha, Wisconsin to North Sac was very different from what I was used to experiencing.

In Kenosha, we would walk or drive down to the Lake Michigan shoreline for a 30-minute extravaganza put on by the city after enjoying the two hour long parade the previous Sunday afternoon(for some unfathomable reason, the city felt to have the parade and the fireworks on the same day—the actual holiday—was too much). There would be the occasional unauthorized fireworks displays in neighborhoods, they were few and quickly stopped by local police.

Here I was able to witness several competing fireworks shows in just my little area which went on most of the night and compared favorably with the tape of the official fireworks at Cal Expo that I saw on the television news. I was also able to marvel at the coordination which kept the ‘bears in the air(i.e. the Sac PD helicopter patrol) flittering back and forth across the sky trying to locate the sources of the multiple displays. Added to all of this was watching the informal game of ‘Fireworks or Gunshots’ with the ability to earn bonus points if you could identify the type of gun being used.

I understand that other areas of Sacramento(both city and county) also have their own unique ways of celebrating the Fourth from sedate and properly-mannered cookouts in backyards to neighborhoods where the residents quietly and very unofficially blocked off streets and rented jump houses and water slides(both of which were used by children and adults alike) which were placed in the middle of the streets while the neighborhood Gordon Ramsey would create wonderful meat offerings on rented large cookers—avoiding, for the most part, smoke damage to trees on his property. Neighbors would supply and share various types of adult and general drinks. Backyard pools became communal swim sites for the children in the neighborhood. Fireworks displays were also part of the entertainment.

All in all, I have to say that I enjoyed the Fourth for the first time in a long time and am looking forward to many more years of fun-filled National Birthday celebrations here.



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