SN&R and The Newsroom: Where Poor Journalism Meets Poor TV!

AUGUST 1, 2013  Sacramento News and Review    Unpublished Letter to the Editor

Re: “Appreciate The Newsroom” by Adam Khan(SN&R Essay, July 25):

Reading Adam Khan’s essay, it seems appropriate that the gentleman would be an excellent choice for a summer intern at the SN&R based on his liking of the show, The Newsroom. Much like the characters in the show who speak in bullet points and mouth platitudes and only present half the story, the staff and editorial staff of the SN&R are the show’s real life counterparts. Major stories and issues are addressed from a solely liberal and so-called Progressive view by employees of a large corporate and very capitalistic news organization.

As much as the paper’s publisher on the same page of the July 25th about the greatness and challenge of the Alt Press, it is clear that he has no problem taking money which is supposed to be addressing hunger in the Sacramento area in exchange for writing stories which support the aims and goals of the organization’s supposedly seeking to end hunger and poverty in the Sacramento and NorCal area.

Also I am sure that the special advertising sections in the same edition were well-paid for by the Sac Republic FC and the ‘charitable’ organizations such as AARP whose dealings would make a good story, even a edition, by itself.

But of course, as with all things with The Newsroom, both on TV and at the SN&R, style is more important than substance. But as Mr. Khan says, “I don’t see any merit in criticizing…”

Jeffery Cassity

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