Putting the “BOO!” in Halloween—North Sac-style

One of the best things about moving to a new city is experiencing the major holidays in the new location for the first time. I have already written about my first Fourth of July in my North Sacramento neighborhood. Now I have the opportunity to share the fun that is Halloween.

I am lucky to be living across the street from a man who loves to decorate his yard extensively for this month’s scary holiday. John has maintained the tradition of decorating his yard for the past twenty-five years. It started out simply with a couple of basic store-bought decorations for his children’s pleasure but as they grew up, he has increased the number of items he put up and bought items online. As his own children grew up and grew out of trick-or-treating, John has continued the tradition of decorating his yard for the holiday. He has done this because what started out as something for his children as grown into an annual event that people in the neighborhood enjoy and look forward to seeing at the end of each October. “They (neighbors) start asking me around the Fourth of July if I am going to be doing the Halloween decorations,” John said. “It makes me happy that the work I do is appreciated and enjoyed by the residents of the area.”

According to John, crowds of sixty-five to a hundred people stop by on Halloween to view the decorations. In the month leading up to the holiday, many people in the area pass by on a regular basis to view the progress of the creation of unique yearly themes. John is assisted by his son, Michael, in maintaining and setting up the displays. He hopes Michael will keep up the tradition after he is unable to do the work himself. Also he hopes that Michael and his daughter’s children will keep it going into the far future.

John is already in the planning stages for his next project, his annual Christmas display, which he tells me is even better than his Halloween one. He will get to work taking down the Halloween display on November 1st and starting the work of putting up the Christmas display since the work takes several weeks to finish.

And to answer the question I am sure has popped into the minds of those reading this, I am planning on doing a story on that display also, especially since it will give me the opportunity to share a juicy story that John shared with me about the history of that display while doing the story on this one.



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