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Opinion: Sacramento would be better with a ‘strong mayor’

About eleven months from now, voters in Sacramento will face many important decisions as they enter the voting booth. Prominent among these will be their choice about whether to change the current City Charter to overhaul city government by passing the Sacramento Checks and Balances Act of 2014. The referendum asks the citizens of Sacramento […]

400 $1 bills

Stacy makes a living teaching science to young children using Bill Nye, Science Guy and Mr. Wizard type demonstrations. Here real passion is comedy though. She performs evenings and weekends at various comedy venues around the Milwaukee(Wisconsin) area, looking for the big break which will get her on Leno or Fallon—making her an “overnight” sensation. […]

Do Doors Get the Munchies?

(Writer’s Note: the pictures connected with this story were not staged by the writer for the benefit of having this story to write. The writer merely came upon an existing situation, had a series of thoughts that are a little off the beaten track and took a few photos.) It is well-documented that individuals who […]

Saber para la Gente!: A Latino Approach to Healthcare Whose Time Hasn’t Come

It began with a state government report. The Health Department of the State of Wisconsin came out with its first Minority Health Report. The list of indicators showed that the health of Latino residents was not as good as that of other population groups. The report also indicated that more information was needed. What was […]

A New York Meltdown in Sacramento!

A visitor from New York City(accent sounded classic Brooklyn) was having a bad day today, November 21st. It started with him getting off the Amtrak train at the wrong station and being forced to take Greyhound into Sacramento. Arriving at the Greyhound Terminal on Richards Blvd., he went online to Google(tm) the route to get […]

Shake and Bake okay; Wet and Wind not so much!

“It is a strange thing, mystifying…” —Judas Iscariot from the musical, Jesus Christ Superstar. Californians can handle earthquakes and wildfires with calm and resilience. Yet, toss a little rain at them or an extremely windy day, they start to fall apart and have problems doing simple things like driving. It blows my mind to see […]

Jay Z keeps his ‘rap’ shut on the wrong issue!

Some Republican legislators having an issue with Jay Z and Beyoncé visiting Cuba for their fifth wedding anniversary, is not a big deal on its own. It really doesn’t merit too much discussion. The embargo with its travel ban for average citizens is silly after fifty plus years of existence and is an easy way […]

Mr. Brown’s Bus Ride and Traveling Comedy Show

Sacramento has a history of great comedy clubs which present some of the best comedians and improvisation in the country. Places such as Laugh’s Unlimited, the Punchline Comedy Club and ComedySportz are well known locally and nationally. However, recently a new spot and a new comic which may not be known to most residents of […]

The Man Who Makes the Sac RT Run!

Michael Wiley has been General Manager and CEO of the Sacramento Regional Transit District(RT) for nearly six years now. He was appointed to the position by the RT’s Board of Directors in February 2008 after serving as Interim General Manager and CEO since the prior October. He began his career at RT as a service […]

Vibrant Pastel

“…it’s more than just picking up a brush and putting paint on canvas. For me, it’s about freedom of expression. Painting what’s on my mind and what’s in my heart.” —Pastel Rae (Corbett) Meeting Pastel(yes, that is her real first name) Rae Corbett is a very interesting(and exhausting in a way that takes your breath […]