Mr. Brown’s Bus Ride and Traveling Comedy Show

Sacramento has a history of great comedy clubs which present some of the best comedians and improvisation in the country. Places such as Laugh’s Unlimited, the Punchline Comedy Club and ComedySportz are well known locally and nationally. However, recently a new spot and a new comic which may not be known to most residents of Sacramento has come on the radar.

The new spot is unique…not to mention mobile: the No.15 Downtown to Watt/I-80 Station bus route outbound to North Sac many evenings leaving 8th and K at 6:00 pm when Mr. Brown is at the wheel. He does occasional guest appearances on other routes as well.SSPX0040

Mr. Brown has the ability to make those of us returning home after a hard day of work smile and laugh and relax as we head home.

The opening of his shtick usually goes something like this: “Good evening, ladies and gentlemen, if you are looking for a slow, peaceful ride on this bus, you are on the wrong bus,” he begins. “My dinner is almost ready(and I love my dinner), and I want to get to it while it is still warm. I am sure you all do too.”

Microphone troubles doesn’t deter Mr. Brown. There have been a couple of times the device wouldn’t cooperate with his routine—either squealing each time he pressed the button or not working at all. Mr. Brown simply rolled with the flow and did his act sans microphone.

The rest of the trip includes a variety of comments and talking points and comments aimed at passengers depending on the evening and conditions. The amount of banter he provides on the trip varies with the amount of traffic the bus encounters and the other bus-related issues Mr. Brown has to deal with on a given trip. While he does provide an entertaining trip, Mr. Brown first and foremost does take care of his driving-related duties.

If you have the time, this unique Sacramento entertainment venue should be checked out!

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