A New York Meltdown in Sacramento!

A visitor from New York City(accent sounded classic Brooklyn) was having a bad day today, November 21st.

It started with him getting off the Amtrak train at the wrong station and being forced to take Greyhound into Sacramento. Arriving at the Greyhound Terminal on Richards Blvd., he went online to Google(tm) the route to get from the station to his hotel in Elk Grove. Instead of a simple route, it gave him the following(memorized it when he repeated it multiple times…ooops, getting ahead of myself): take the No. 15 to the Blue Line train to Meadowview. Ride it to the end of the line and get the No. 56 bus to Rush Park. Take that to the end of its run. From there, take the Elk Grove express bus(No. 151).

The visitor took the information he got online which included times for connections, number of stops, etc. and boarded the No. 15 bus. He immediately started interrogating the driver about the directions, not paying his fare initially, and blocking other people from getting on and off the bus at the stop. After getting him to stop talking and move out of the way of others, the driver closed the door and started to drive. Our visitor, in a voice which probably could be heard back in Brooklyn, started up again questioning the driver and whining in classic New York style about his bad day. After a couple of minutes and about three or four complete retellings of his troubles by the visitor, the driver explained that he should have taken the No. 15 heading downtown, not the one he was on heading towards North Sac.

This set off new waves of hysteria in our visitor. He cursed Google(tm), the RT help line, and the seven individuals at the Greyhound station he had asked help from. He then started in on the driver of the No. 15 northbound. The visitor ranted and raved; the driver tried to explain alternatives; and the bus passengers stared in disbelief at the conversation going on as the bus moved further and further away from downtown. Finally, a majority of the passengers broke into laughter, and some began to tease the poor visitor from Brooklyn about his plight and his stupidity. This inspired more laughter on the bus.

At this point, the bus was nearing the Arden-Del Paso Light Rail station. The driver had gotten enough of her message through to the visitor that he understood his plight and began moaning about not reaching his Elk Grove hotel room until after 10pm. A passenger suggested the guy get a taxi; he responded back that he had checked and that it would cost him fifty dollars. The visitor offered to pay the ‘helpful’ passenger thirty dollars cash money for a ride in his car. The passenger replied, “If I had a car, I wouldn’t be on this bus.” The bus erupted with a new wave of laughter and disbelief.

At this point, the visitor was becoming so irate and angry, the driver looked like she was going to call for the RT police to remove the guy from the bus. Luckily, the bus reached the Light Rail station. He gathered up his Google(tm) route printouts, and told the driver, “I don’t need anymore of your help. I am not stupid[all indications to the contrary—writer’s note]. I will figure it out myself.” The visitor then stormed off the bus, yelling, “I hate Sacramento and its people. I should never have come here!”

The driver and the passengers who didn’t get off at Arden-Del Paso looked relieved to see the visitor go, as entertaining as he had been.

Just another day on the #15 bus!


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