Shake and Bake okay; Wet and Wind not so much!

“It is a strange thing, mystifying…”
—Judas Iscariot from the musical, Jesus Christ Superstar.

Californians can handle earthquakes and wildfires with calm and resilience. Yet, toss a little rain at them or an extremely windy day, they start to fall apart and have problems doing simple things like driving. It blows my mind to see stories on television and listen to announcers on the radio going crazy about rainstorms.

Take for example, the week just past(November 18 to 22). Weather forecasts for Sacramento called for about maybe an inch and a half to two inches of rain from Tuesday through Thursday. Heady stuff for Californians who apparently have problems driving on wet roads. Even sensible RT drivers made a point to drive extra cautiously and inform their passengers of the fact they were doing so because of the rain.

I’m sorry but two inches of rain in three days?! WTF?! I mean, it is even a soft, gentle rain over a seventy-two hour period. I grew up in an area where we would see that much rain in an HOUR. And not a gentle rain but a heavy downpour with lightning and thunder and heavy winds. I’m talking almost horizontal rain at times. It was amusing to watch people during the week I was here in April before my permanent move to Sacramento freak out when there was a rainstorm with some thunder and lightning and hail. Though hail didn’t come with every rainstorm back in Wisconsin, most did come with thunder and lightning.

Also I don’t understand the issues drivers here have operating their vehicles on very windy days. I don’t get how you cannot have the ability to adjust your driving for the vectoring caused by simple rapid movement of air. It is not rocket science, just basic geometry(or for those of you lucky enough to own one, sailboating).

One would think that people who can face the constant threat of the ground shaking or splitting open and buildings collapsing on them or being burned out of house and home, losing all your worldly possessions could easily handle a little water and wind. Am I missing something in the equation? If so, please share in your comments on this article.

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