Brothers by birth and Brothers in Christ!

I attended my first California International Marathon(CIM) today(December 8th) planning to get some background material for an article with a look at the race. While that piece will come in the next few days, I wanted to introduce a couple interesting individuals, not participants in the marathon, that I met in the crowd: Rod and James. They are apparently from research I have done fairly well-known around Sacramento and, yet, have not gotten any notice from the local press. This lack of notoriety is despite the fact that Rod and James not only appear in public locations all over the metro area on a regular basis and at outdoor events like the CIM.

Just wanted to give the brothers their due with a short article and their pictures in print, even if it is electronic print! Hopefully, this publicity will get me a few(unfortunately needed) brownie points in the ‘plus column’ of my eternal ledger.

SSPX0029SSPX0037 (2)



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