Maintaining a Family-friendly bus

I hadn’t planned on adding to the series for another couple weeks. Not from a lack of stories but because some people get upset that I do these types of stories. They feel that these stories are a waste of space and words. But that is another story for another day!

So, where was I? Oh, yeah. The beginning. Caught the 15 at 8th and O. It was a quiet ride home till we got to the Arden/Del Paso Light Train station. At the stop, a woman got on board with her two kids. Unlike everyone else, she didn’t stop to show her bus pass nor deposit money in the fare box. She just proceeded past the driver to her seat near the front while her children went towards the rear of the bus. The driver called after her to come back and show a pass or pay the proper fare. The woman became indignant, thinking the driver considered someone looking to get a ride for nothing. She told him to ‘hold on’, and she would show him her passes for herself and her children. After a minute or two of digging around in her pants pocket, she found the passes and went back up front. The woman showed the driver the passes and keep up a running monologue about how the driver should ‘chill the f*** out. You were running late anyway. A couple more minutes won’t matter.’

The driver told the woman to watch her language which energized the woman to add more explicitives to her retorts. The more the driver asked her to calm down and watch her language, the more the woman went off. Soon, she was comparing herself and her use of language to the Civil Rights struggles of Rosa Parks and Martin Luther King, Jr. Also from the bus, a young man(soon to be known as the Agitator in my mind) added in his ‘pearls of wisdom’ all of which ended in the Hawaiian familiar term ‘bra’.

The driver saw a passing security guard outside the bus and called out for him to come on the bus. The driver explained the situation from his point of view to the guard. He then went to speak to the woman, to get her side and try to calm her down. While this was going on, the Agitator continued to add his running commentary to the discussion. He seemed fixated on the fact that the woman was a poor, innocent character with children who was being harassed by the big, bad bus driver.

With the noise level rising and passengers becoming cranky from having to wait for the bus to move due to the unfolding drama, a RT supervisor and the Sac Police were summoned. After about fifteen very irritating moments, the situation was resolved with the woman promising the Sac PD officers she would act like an adult and not interact with the driver for the rest of the time she was on the bus. The Agitator was not so easily calmed down. It was finally decided that it would be best if he found another bus to get home on.

It was adults acting as their silliest. It was in the words of Shakespeare, “…full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.” (A quote, I am sure, the critics will use to describe this article) It was, in the words of the first security involved in the incident, a case where ‘the driver wanted to maintain a family-friendly language atmosphere’ on the bus.


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