Top 10 Signs You Have Lived Most if not All of Your Life on “The Grid” in Sacramento!

1. You think DPH stands for Del Paso Heights(and not the Deepest Part of Hell).

2. You haven’t celebrated a holiday with fireworks and/or gunfire being heard.

3. You don’t have a family member or close family friend who has done time.

4. You think that all prostitutes are like Julia Roberts’s character in the movie, Pretty Woman.

5. You’ve never fallen asleep to the sound of the Sac PD Air Unit flying overhead.

6. You think the Spanish you learned in school is the same as the language Latinos use at home.

7. You think that “Farm to Fork” is something important and beneficial for the community.

8. You think that a new Arena downtown will benefit other parts of the city.

9. You think the Massage ads in the back pages of the SN&R are for real massage services.

10. You think that a “Safeground” is a logical and permanent solution to the the homeless problem.


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