Organizing North Sacramento Youth Soccer Club and the Advancement of Agendas

1959551_270177216481767_853779739_nThe initial meeting of a group to form a North Sacramento Youth Soccer Club occurred this past Wednesday night(March 12th) at the Harmon Johnson Elementary School. It was attended by about a dozen interested parents and their children who were deeply interested in the creation of the Club. It was also attended by other community members who were there seemingly more interested in personal and political agendas.

With assistance offered by Natomas United Youth Soccer League Vice President, John Flores, and Referee Coordinator, Antonio Ortiz, the initial planning for the creation of the North Sacramento Youth Soccer Club began. Event organizer, Terry Press-Dawson, a Twin Rivers Unified employee at Harmon Johnson Elementary, summed up the purpose of organizing the Club, “The creation of the Club based at Harmon Johnson will allow youth currently involved in soccer or wanting to become involved, the opportunity to do so in the area where they live. They and their parents won’t have to drive relatively long distances to be able to play competitive soccer. It will serve as an expansion of the limited opportunities available at Harmon Johnson.”

Daniel Savala, assistant to Council Member Allen Warren, was present as both an area parent and surrogate for the Council Member. Mr. Warren himself made a brief appearance at the initial meeting to confirm his $5,000 seed money donation and to promote both this endeavor and his other “youth initiatives”. He also signaled that his office would work with the group to attract other major sponsors to defray costs for families who were interested in having their children participate. Another community figure present was Ross Hendrickx of the Del Paso Heights Community Association who made a pitch to use the newly refurbished soccer fields at Hagginwood Park as the site or one of the sites for the new North Sacramento Youth Soccer Club.

The primary agenda of the group present led by Terry Press-Dawson and the parents of the area who attended the meeting was the creation of the youth soccer club. This was definitely supported by the other individuals and groups mentioned, but there was a noticeable undercurrent of other agendas coming from those not directly connected to Harmon Johnson Elementary.

Please watch this site as follow-up continues on developing details of these underlying agendas.


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