Minor RT Bus Accident at Marconi Arcade Light Rail Station

A Sac RT bus hit and damaged a sign pole at the Marconi Arcade Light Rail Station after the driver’s foot came off the brake of the stopped vehicle. According to information supplied by knowledgeable sources, the incident which occurred Monday(March 24th) morning about 11 o’clock.

Reports indicate an elderly passenger had just boarded the bus when he lost his balance and started to fall. The bus operator reached out to catch and steady the passenger but was pulled out of his seat on the idling bus by the momentum of the falling gentleman. The driver, who did not have his seat-belt buckled, was pulled to the floor. His foot came off the brake which allowed the bus to roll forward, jump the curb and strike a sign pole before the driver could regain his footing and stop the vehicle.

There were no serious injuries and only minor damage to the bus and pole. Police were called, and a report taken. The driver was given a one-day suspension as a result of the incident. Sources indicate he will not fight the suspension.


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