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2014 Sacramento Police Sheriff Memorial Annual Remembrance Ceremony

Thursday, May 1, 2014 12:00 Noon 500 Arden Way (Woodlake Park) Dedicated to Remembering our Fallen In 1992, the Sacramento Police / Sheriff Memorial Foundation as formed to perpetually honor Sacramento police officers and sheriff’s deputies who have been killed or have died in the line of duty. After nearly 10 years, the actual Memorial […]

Alamar and Hip-Hop

Originally posted on Generation Y:
Let’s go to Alamar! My mother would say and we would head out to visit some relatives who lived in that so-called “Siberia.” We arrived in an area of ugly, coarse buildings haphazardly tossed on the grass. We would play with other kids among these concrete boxes in the high…

Giving Graffiti and Hip Hop a Place in Sac Town

Nickel n’a Nail owner, Marichal Brown, and The Brickhouse Art Gallery curator, Barbara Range are combining their talents to present THE ART OF HIP HOP FESTIVAL: CELEBRATING THE 5 ELEMENTS.  The art exhibition and Hip Hop festival will open with an art reception on Thursday, June 5th and run through Sunday, June 29th. “Our goal […]

Road Wimps Media?!

Even almost a year after moving to Sacramento, I am amazed with what can drive the residents, especially the local news media, into a frenzy! The latest example of this phenomenon is the planned 2 month, 6 city block long reconstruction of I-50. Every television channel seems to be falling over themselves to do almost […]

NORTH SAC UNDER SIEGE? An Easter message

“Just came from the to-go line at McDonalds–as usual, approached by the constant losers asking for money. This time, the guy was very aggressive and called me a bitch. This was at 8:30 in the morning! This got me to thinking–when the arena is built and our sparkling new, “vibrant downtown” is in place, where […]

In-Flight Retoking?

I marvel when I watch video of the precision with which military aviators accomplish complicated maneuvers in mid-flight such as refueling a fighter jet while in-flight. The coordination of man and machine is simply amazing. Recently I was reviewing some notes and came across a story from just over two years ago. President Obama was […]

When life gives you…

I was walking in downtown Sacramento recently when I noticed a commotion about a block away. It appeared that a man in a yellow tee shirt was giving something away to passersby. I quickened my pace to see what was going on. As I drew closer, the reason for the reaction from those passing by […]

Growing Hope in Gardenland

The Stanford Settlement Neighborhood Center quietly works its mission of aiding women, children and families in North Sacramento. Since moving to the Gardenland area in 1963, the organization has worked to improve the lives and hopes of the area residents. Originally founded by the Sisters of Social Service(SSS) in 1936 and housed in the Stanford […]

Brickhouse Gallery looking for participants—-Live Graffiti and Hip Hop event

The Brickhouse Gallery and Arts Center is looking for graffiti artists to participate in an upcoming fine art exhibit which will take place at the Oak Park area venue June 1-30, 2014. If you wish to submit a piece for the exhibit, please provide the following information via email to with the SUBJECT line […]