Road Wimps Media?!

Even almost a year after moving to Sacramento, I am amazed with what can drive the residents, especially the local news media, into a frenzy!

The latest example of this phenomenon is the planned 2 month, 6 city block long reconstruction of I-50. Every television channel seems to be falling over themselves to do almost hourly updates on the repair work on this local freeway. Don’t even get me started on the 30 minute news special reports which were on local television the night work began. Like when there is a little rain or a very windy day forecast, the media went crazy with the coverage. It makes the recent coverage on CNN of the disappearance of the Malaysian Airlines jet pale by comparison.

Maybe it is because I come from Wisconsin, which has two seasons: winter and road construction, that I find the coverage so laughable. If the local channels had to deal with the in-progress 7 year, 60+ mile reconstruction work being done on I-94 from the Wisconsin-Illinois border to the Zoo Interchange on Milwaukee’s northwest side, it would be 24 hour/365 day reporting here in Sacramento.

Come on, people! Get real!!!!!!!!!!!!


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