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North Sac Chef Featured Speaker at 2014 VegFest

A familiar North Sacramento face will be a featured speaker at the 5th Annual Sacramento VegFest. Chef Brooke Preston, owner of the Green Boheme Restaurant on Del Paso Blvd., will speak at the one day event on Saturday, June 7th. Instead of the simple vendor booth which she and her restaurant have had at the […]

H.I.S. He Is Strong!

“Jesus loves me—this I know, For the Bible tells me so; Little ones to Him belong— They are weak, but He is strong.” Hymn ‘Jesus Love Me’ by William Batchelder Bradbury In talking about Q and Ri, the Bay Area- and Sacramento-based hip hop duet known as H.I.S.(He Is Strong), you have to start with […]

Time to Get Your Veg On!

June is fast approaching so that means it is time for Sacramento…to get its Veg On again!! The 5th Annual Sacramento VegFest, one of California’s premiere vegetarian lifestyle events, sponsored by the Del Pas Boulevard Partnership, is scheduled to take place on Saturday, June 7th at the Red Lion Hotel in the Woodlake area of […]

TAOHH Bridging the Literary Gap: Rap/Write Now! Lecture

The opening event of a month long celebration of graffiti art and hip hop music will take place at the Brickhouse Art Gallery(2838 36th Street here in Sacramento’s historic Oak Park area) on Thursday, June 5th starting at 6 pm in the evening. Dr. Eugene Redmond, the Poet Laureate of East St. Louis and Emeritus […]

When a Council Member Won’t Comment on a Project He Supports!

For many years here in Sacramento, advocates for the homeless have been working on creating a permanent campground where Sacramento’s homeless residents can live free from police/government eviction and receive services to start taking the first few tentative steps back towards mainstream society. Recent news reports have indicated that the idea is close to becoming […]

Hip Hop’s Chicken or Egg Dilemma

We are all familiar with the age old question: which came first, the chicken or the egg? It is the Every-person version of the scientific debate of beginning of things. We all know how the story goes. If you say the egg came first, then you are asked, “What/who laid the egg?” If you say […]

Where Do I Stand?

“For my own part, I consider myself neither conservative nor an extreme progressive. I would like to think I am what Pope John[XXIII] was—a progressive with a deep respect and love for tradition—in other words, a progressive who wants to preserve a very clear and marked continuity with the past and not make silly and […]

We Need Saints!

WE NEED SAINTS Attributed to Pope John Paul II We need saints without veil or cassock. We need saints who wear jeans and sneakers. We need saints who go to the movies, listen to music and hang out with friends. We need saints who put God in first place, but who let go of their […]

Life on the #15 Bus Number 7

I have been a fan of NASCAR racing for many years. I love the thrill and excitement at the different levels(Truck, Nationwide and Sprint Cup). I watch in awe at the skill and daring of the drivers. But one of the most interesting and intriguing parts of the races is how the slower drivers and […]

One League; Two Standards

The NBA moved quickly to distance itself from Donald Sterling and his racist comments. This is as it should be for very obvious reasons. While the future of his continued ownership will be decided by the NBA Board of Governors and probably the American legal system, there is no doubt that his comments have no […]