When a Council Member Won’t Comment on a Project He Supports!

For many years here in Sacramento, advocates for the homeless have been working on creating a permanent campground where Sacramento’s homeless residents can live free from police/government eviction and receive services to start taking the first few tentative steps back towards mainstream society.

Recent news reports have indicated that the idea is close to becoming a reality with the support of 2nd District City Council Member Allen Warren. The location for the campsite was reported to be Redwood Park in Mr. Warren’s North Sacramento district. When comment on this rumor was requested from the Council Member’s office, the reply received from his Special Assistant, Andrea San Miguel was, “No comment.”

When asked to comment on the sudden firing of Safeground Sacramento’s Executive Director and the subsequent resignations of three members of the organization’s seven member Board of Directors, the comment from Council Member Warren via Ms. San Miguel was, “No comment.”

It was noted in the same article that one of the reasons the majority of the Safeground Sacramento Board decided to fire its Executive Director at this critical time in the development of the project was to save the money from his salary to help finance the project and possibly bring in a local developer to assist in the project planning and implementation. When asked if that developer was Mr. Warren or one of his associates at New Faze Development, the answer from his spokesperson, Ms. San Miguel was, “Absolutely not.”

It is easy to wonder whether this lack of comment by such a vocal supporter of Safeground Sacramento like Mr. Warren on developments around this issue is attributable to the lack of support that the idea has among many of the constituents in his district?! One only has to look the comments on the idea of locating the campground either in Redwood Park on the local Next Door website to understand why there is such a lack of comment coming from the Council Member and his spokesperson. He perhaps has his eye on his future re-election prospects. Mr. Warren may be thinking that it is not such a good idea to be too publicly vocal on or economically attached to such a unpopular position.


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