Monthly Archives: June 2014

Becoming a Doggy Daddy!

I have always kind of laughed at those individuals who treated their pets like little kids. You know the type of person I mean. The ones, mostly women, who take umpteen photos of their dogs and cats and share them on Facebook or show them around the office; those owners who go ga-ga over every […]

Take Another One Down, and Pass It Around

“5.08.100 Imposition of conditions upon any licensee requesting a letter of public convenience or necessity. A. No letter of public convenience or necessity shall be issued by the chief of police nor approved by the planning and design commission on appeal unless the proposed licensee agrees, in writing, that if the Alcoholic Beverage Control Board […]

Resurrection on the Streets of North Sac

“Here, we know how to RESURRECT What others throw away…” Catherine French, ‘After We’ve Gone, Del Paso Boulevard’ These words from one murals created as part of the WORDS ON WALLS project developed by the Del Paso Design District, the Sacramento Metropolitan Arts Commission(SMAC) and the Del Paso Boulevard Partnership(DPBP) have a much different reality […]