A Biblical ‘The Rest of the Story’

We all know that the book we call the bible is basically the officially accepted, the established church version of biblical writings. Certain books were included; others excluded—as the result of a conference of church elders and experts about 1500 years ago. What you may not know is that even the stories that are included are edited. So I thought I would share three examples and the parts of the stories which were edited.

We all remember the story of Sodom and Gomorrah. God destroying the cities for their sinfulness; Lot and his family being spared. And of course, Lot’s wife not heeding the warning not to look back as the fire and brimstone were falling and being turned to a pillar of salt. What was not included in the good book is this: it doesn’t talk about the fact that the family had both a good supply of seasoning for its food for the coming year as well as a free salt lick for its cattle.

Also we all know the story where Jesus walks into the village where the locals are about to stone a woman for adultery. Jesus talks about how only those who are free from sin should cast the first stone which makes them pause and turn away without stoning the woman. What the Bible doesn’t include is the next part of the story: as the citizens are walking away, a bolt of lightning hurls through the sky and hits the woman, incinerating her. Jesus looks up to the heavens and says thru clenched teeth, “Jeez, Dad, I was trying to make a point here!”
What about the consequences on others the day God stopped the sun from moving across the sky so the Israelites would have extra time to defeat the Amorites?! Nowhere do you find this: the conversation between a contractor in a nearby town and the rep for the local construction workers union.

Contractor: Get your men back to work. Their lunch hour was over ages ago.

Union Rep: What?! No way, guy. The agreement says that we get lunch between twelve and one. According to the sundial, it is only quarter past twelve.(sighs) Okay, I know it feels like it has been hours, but the dial says it only has been fifteen minutes since we started lunch. Until the dial moves to one, my guys ain’t working. The agreement is the agreement.

Also nowhere do you see anything about the investigation by Jericho’s equivalent of OSHA about the cause of the walls collapsing when Joshua and the Israelites marched around their town blowing their trumpets. You know that there must have been an investigation after such a disaster. I mean, how can there not be, at minimum, a huge fine against the contractor who did the work for not properly re-enforcing it against trumpet blasts?! Did the contractor ‘grease’ someone’s palm to avoid getting a mention in the book or whitewashing the investigation totally?


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