Sacramento Drivers, Can We Talk?!

I have spent the past few weeks hobbling around with the aid of crutches, and now a cane, as I have been recovering from knee surgery in December.  One of the most disheartening things that I have noticed is the lack of consideration and common courtesy displayed by many drivers throughout Sacramento as I have made my way on foot across streets and along sidewalks.

A day does not pass when drivers impatiently edge forward as I am attempting to finish crossing intersections.  It is disappointing that they are in such a hurry that waiting an extra ten seconds for me(or for any other disabled/handicapped person) to finish legally crossing a road is an intolerable situation for them to bear.

Also, sadly, it is a daily problem around most schools in the morning and afternoons as children are crossing to and from class.  They, along with the crossing guards who are there to assist them cross, are also victims of impatient drivers.

I also have noticed that drivers have the habit of blocking sideways for disabled as well as regular pedestrians.  By what stretch of the imagination do these drivers think that forcing pedestrians, especially those in wheelchairs or using canes, into the street to pass is a better idea than exercising simple courtesy and backing up, opening up the sidewalks for pedestrians?!  Does getting behind the wheel of a car shut off the brains of Sacramento drivers?!  Come on, people, use the brain the good Lord gave you.


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