Protest where it will do some good!

I was in downtown Sacramento just after lunch today and was treated to the spectacle of a protest group marching down J Street chanting about clean air being “a human right”.  While I think that clean air is important for people and is a right all creatures and plants, not just humans, have, I couldn’t help thinking that the group’s efforts would be better placed protesting in front of the Chinese embassy here in the US and in Peking.

While the US has enacted a series of measures over the last 40 plus years and has done quite a bit to improve the air quality here, China suffers currently from a constant state of smog which makes historical smogs of Los Angeles, NYC and other US cities pale in comparison.

China literally has to shut down industries and automobile traffic on the eve of international events in order to clear the air in their capital, Beijing.  A recent example was the President’s trip there last year; another was shutting down the city when the city hosted the Olympics.

So, group of about 100 protestors, do a fund-raiser(I will be happy to contribute) and take your noise to Beijing and protest there for clean air where it will do more good than walking down J Street and adding to the noise pollution.


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