Happy 60th Birthday to my brother, Raymond Keith Cassity

Just wanted to send birthday greetings to my next oldest sibling, Ray Cassity, back in Elkhorn, Wisconsin.  Realized today that he is going to be 60 (sixty) years old!  Wow, it just seems yesterday he was in his terrible twenties.  I am so glad for all he did for me when we were growing up.

The gap between him and myself is 9 years (I will turn 51 on March 15th)(also the biggest gap between siblings in my immediate family), but he let me hang around him and his friends a lot when we were growing up.  I dont think I ever really told him how much I appreciated that.

I always thought he was the coolest brother on earth.  Maybe this had to do with the fact that one Saturday when I was 13 and my parents were out of town on a trip, I stayed with him and his then girlfriend(later 1st wife) and was allowed to drink beer for the first time.  Yes, I did end up drunk.  It was the greatest time of my life.

Happy birthday, Raymond Keith Cassity!   Love ya, bro!


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