Monthly Archives: March 2015

Childhood Memories

I went with a friend to a Palm Sunday church service at a local non-denominational Protestant church today.  It was very interesting.  I kept flashing back to the church that my family and I attended from the time I was born till I was around 10 or 11(about 40 some odd years ago) when we […]

Unpredictability is good!

 “Things never go the way you expect them to. That’s both the joy and frustration in life. I’m finding as I get older that I don’t mind, though. It’s the surprises that tickle me the most, the things you don’t see coming.” ― Michael Stuhlbarg

T Shirt Wisdom

Your income is infinite if you lead by example!

On a roll

Things were crazy tonight.  Was working on juggling what seemed like 12 different things at once on the phone and on the internet.  It is an odd but good feeling after the way some things in my life had been going the past few months.  I can see a daylight that I havent seen in […]

Feeling positive

I am in the middle of what I think is a very positive track in my life as my 51st birthday approaches a week from today.  I cant wait to see how this new course turns out for me. l look forward to the possibilities it could bring in my life.

Life changes

The past week has brought new opportunities for me while I am working on getting my plays and scripts published.  I have the opportunity to become an Instructional Aide in a local school district as well as a paid independent tutor for children(also opportunity to become Adult Literacy tutor through library system). What do you […]

Celebrate National Pi Day March 14th

Pi Day is an annual celebration commemorating the mathematical constant π (pi). Pi Day is observed on March 14 (or 3/14 in the month/day date format), since 3, 1, and 4 are the first three significant digits of π in decimal form.  A sequential time will occur on 3/14/15 at 9:26:53 a.m. following the sequence […]