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Urban Slums in Havana

Interesting report on housing in Havana, Cuba, I came across:  Urban-Slums-Report-Havana-Coyula

EDUCATIONESE: The Jargon of Professional Educators

How do you control the debate?  Control the Language!      Educationese

The Local School Community

A look at the various stakeholders in the local school community: The Local School Community

The Role of Government in Education (1962) | The Friedman Foundation for Educational Choice

Perhaps this should be our national educational policy:  The Role of Government in Education (1962) | The Friedman Foundation for Educational Choice.

What does teaching look like today?

Here is a Power Point Presentation I did recently for my Master in Secondary Education class on the demographics of teachers in the United States:  Developing the Big Picture .  Work definitely needs to be done in recruiting minority teachers.


What makes a man who had been selling insurance for almost twenty years shift to wanting to become a teacher? It is moving in a new life direction in a new land where the possibility of change is available; it is moving from advocating as an unique member and leader of a Hispanic civil rights […]

Observations on Scholasticus Americanus(the American Student) in the 21st Century

I spent approximately three hours on a very sunny Saturday, supplemented by anecdotal experiences from the past, studying the characteristics of Scholasticus Americanus(the American student) in its native habitat along a main thoroughfare in North Sacramento, California.  I looked at and reflected upon its varied manifestations including its communication styles, social and interpersonal behaviors, attitudes, […]