Being Unfriended (then Refriended) on Facebook and Not Knowing Why!

I had the experience this past week of being “unfriended” on Facebook by a long-time personal friend and then ‘refriended” by the same person when I requested it.  All of this without a word of explanation from the person involved, even when I sent a direct message asking why the initial “unfriending” happened.

I was shocked and saddened by the “unfriending”.  Yes, we had a disagreement as to a decision I had made regarding a change in direction in my life, but I thought my friend was ultimately okay with my choice.  I was confused by my friend NOT answering my questioning of the initial “unfriending” and a little hurt.  When my request for “friending” again was accepted, I was disappointed that there was no response to my question on what had prompted the initial “unfriending”.  I seriously contemplated “unfriending” my friend over this slight, but my better angel triumphed, leaving the “friend” status in place.

I hope that by writing this piece, my friend will get in contact with me to explain what set off the initial “unfriending”.


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