SacRT, We Need More Buses!!!

This morning(December 12th), on my daily commute into Sacramento from Folsom on the Gold Line, the train I was on was forced to stop at the University/65th Street station due to a stalled car blocking the tracks at 59th Street. My fellow passengers and I were asked to disembark and ride to the 29th Street station via a “bus bridge shuttle”.

Fine, not a problem.  That is, until my fellow commuters and I realized that SacRT had only provided one(1) bus for four(4) very packaged cars of passengers.  My first thought was: a Sacramento sardine can?; my second thought was: a Sacramento “bridge to nowhere” reminiscent of the famous one in Alaska a few years ago.

As fate would have it, just as the SINGLE bus full of passengers(with dozens more of us left behind) from the train left the University/65th Street station, we were called back on the train by the RT operator.

It seems the broken down car had been moved, and the train was cleared to proceed downtown.

Still, SacRT administrators, we still have an issue here.  One bus for dozens of people on my train as well as the various trains following at 15 minute intervals won’t cut it!  Time to go back to the drawing board and figure out some better contingency plans!!!!


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