Well, the Earth has once again finished another trip around the Sun.  That means we are looking forward to the coming of a new year, 2016—a Leap Year with one extra day in it—to work on improving ourselves.  To that end, I have put together a personal New Years Resolution list for the coming 366 day year.

Here they are:

#6        Refresher course in Spanish and new course in Gaelic.  Improve my English language skills also, especially romantic poetry

#5        Improve relationships with certain people in my circle of friends and family.  I wont name names to save embarrassment(mostly mine);

#4        Greater emphasis on prayer and meditation to deal with negative thoughts in my mind and life;

#3        Grow in understanding and enjoyment of life;

#2        Increase efforts to get film scripts and plays produced or, at least, optioned; and

#1        Write every day for at least an hour.  Whether it is a new blog entry, a new play or script, or the editing/rewriting of an old piece.

So, Happy New Years, and good luck with your own resolutions(or in the case of Patricia Howell, the decision not to make any)!!!!!!!


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