Looking Back on the Year(and forward to the next)!


This past year has been one of change for me.  I have switched careers and found love again. I have changed residences and taken on new responsibilities.  I have said good-bye to some old friends and hello to new ones.  I have with my love, Patricia, started to chart a new ‘new course’.

The coming year, 2016, will be full of new challenges and new possibilities.  I look forward with hope and joy to both.  Where I am at now and am headed for is far from where I thought I would be at this point, far from where I thought I would be at the beginning of 2015.  The changes are not all I would wish for, but I hope to correct the ‘uglier’ ones in the coming year also.  As much as I know that life is a constant state of change, I wish that some of the changes this past year had been cleaner and caused less hard feelings.

But enough of the thoughts of things which have already happened and can’t be changed.  Time to look forward with anticipation of making things better—mending fences.

So, have a great time tonight celebrating the retirement of 2015 and the birth of 2016.  Tomorrow is another day(and another year)!

Happy New Years to all my readers, friends, and family!!




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