Where is my home?

The word “home” is most often defined as ‘the place where one lives permanently, especially as a member of a family or household’.    I have come to understand that it is not the physical structure or the location that is the important part of the definition.  It is the part about being a member of a family or household which is the important part.

After losing my first wife to a sudden illness just over six years ago, I was not able to keep the home we had together due to financial constraints.  I didn’t really care though I tried my hardest to keep it for the memories which took place there.  I didn’t realize it till much later that the memories shared there could stay with me even with not being in the physical structure.

It is only in the past few months, with the beginning of a new relationship, that I have been able to fully understand the lessons I learned since my wife’s passing.  My home is not the apartment I share with Patricia.  It is the love and intimacy we share, the memories we have made so far and the ones yet to be made in the coming years, which define “home” for me now.


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  1. Patricia · · Reply

    You are so precious Jeff. You will also come to realize that precious home is deep within yourself. And all I do is support you and seeing it within yourself. I love you doing my darling.

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