Never say never!

When I first moved to Sacramento about three years ago, I traveled to different parts of the city and area to learn about my new home.  I found that certain parts of the area “were me”—places where I would enjoy to spend time and even mayber live—and there were certain areas which “weren’t me”.

North Sacramento where I initially lived definitely “was me”.  It was and is very working class and average.  The places that “weren’t me” included Elk Grove, Folsom, and anywhere on the Grid in Sacramento, especially Midtown. I vowed that I would not live in any of these areas.

Fast-forward two and a half years, I meet and fall in love with a wonderful woman, Patricia Howell.  We become very close, and I end up moving in with her.  Where does she live?   Folsom!   Okay, stratch Folsom off the list of place I would never live.

Next, after being together for a few months, we look at getting a new place to live.  We search for a couple of months for a new place to live.  We put in a few applications, look at various available apartments.  And where do we now end up finding a place we are in the process of moving into?  The Grid in Sacramento, specifically Midtown!

To further the irony, one of my favorite commercials recently is the State Farm Insurance one where the guy makes a certain of ‘Never’ statements for the way he and his wife will live their lives, yet at every turn, they end up going the route he and they vowed they never would.

So, again, the lesson here is…Never say never to anything in your life.  The odds are if you do, then you will end up on the path you said you would “never” take.






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