Monthly Archives: June 2016

Update on Vacant Lot

A week after calling the real estate company that has the overgrown lot listed for sale, the landscape people came out this morning and cut ALL the weeds—both on the lot and along the curb. Also have to update that all the help I got from  Council Member Steve Hansen’s office was that they forwarded […]

My little section of 19th Street

Weed problem along vacant lot.  No movement from Code Enforcement and silence from Council Member(that’s Alderperson for those of you in Wisconsin) Steve Hansen’s office after contacting them/briefly exchanging emails with them. Issue has existed since before we moved into the area in March.


I have come across an option locally here in Sacramento to be able to self-publish my writings in book form.  Basically, what in the day, they called a ‘vanity press’.   I am going to be learning more about it next week. I was thinking it would be a great way to publish and make […]