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New Years 2019 Goals

Here are my goals for the new year: 1) Finish the paperwork to get my Special Education teaching credentials in Arizona and California 2) Get a certificate to teach English as a Second Language 3) Pursue my Doctorate in Special Education 4) Become involved in organizations working to end homelessness in Sacramento (or wherever Patricia […]

Returning with the New Year, 2019

I am Puddin’ will be returning to the Blogosphere as of January 1, 2019. It has been too long that it has not been publishing.

Watch “Murals on Sacramento Bee Parking Structure, Midtown” on YouTube

Mural, Capitol Avenue, Sacramento

Parking lot of Safeway on AlhambrA

Mural, J Street, Downtown Sacramento

Lining up for recreational marijuana 

Stairs to nowhere…

Corner of 21st Street and U, Sacramento, CA

More parking garage art

Mural Royal Oaks Light Rail Station