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Top 10 Signs You Have Lived Most if not All of Your Life on “The Grid” in Sacramento!

1. You think DPH stands for Del Paso Heights(and not the Deepest Part of Hell). 2. You haven’t celebrated a holiday with fireworks and/or gunfire being heard. 3. You don’t have a family member or close family friend who has done time. 4. You think that all prostitutes are like Julia Roberts’s character in the […]

Top 10 Places to Hide at Midnight to Avoid a Kiss on New Years Eve!

1. A Bio-safety Level 4 research facility 2. A Super-max prison 3. A Republican Party leadership meeting 4. A Eunuchs convention 5. A North Korean leadership meeting 6. Oral Roberts University 7. Buckingham Palace 8. Vladimir Putin’s Office at the Kremlin 9. A Hermitage 10. A Convent

Opinion: SN&R: Raising Important Issues and Manipulating Readers

One of the greatest disappointments which exists in the local Sacramento media is not that the mainstream television and newspapers often missing important stories or shying away from controversial stories but that the alternative media sources in the city, specifically the Sacramento News and Review(SN&R), which do report on them finds it necessary not to […]

Maintaining a Family-friendly bus

I hadn’t planned on adding to the series for another couple weeks. Not from a lack of stories but because some people get upset that I do these types of stories. They feel that these stories are a waste of space and words. But that is another story for another day! So, where was I? […]

Mixed Messages: Holiday and Otherwise!

Don’t talk to strangers. Don’t go with strangers. Be aware of stranger-danger. These are all messages which we emphasis to children as parents. Yet we actually do often send our kids into the very situations which we tell them to avoid, especially this time of year. We encourage our children to sit on the lap […]

Drunk as a Skunk or Sly as a Fox?

Minutes earlier, he had crossed the downtown street, walking carefully not only because he was obviously drunk at seven in the morning but also so he didn’t drop his precious cargo in the plain brown paper bag. He made it to the safety of the bus shelter bench and sat down for a moment to […]

Pope Francis or “Che”??

When Jorge Cardinal Bergoglio was elected Pope in March of this year, he surprised the world by not only taking the name of St. Francis of Assisi but also by moving quickly to do away with many of the trappings and formalities of the position he was chosen to fill. Following the example he started […]

The Duck that Quacked!

There is an expression that we all have heard. It goes, “Kids say the darndest things”. It comes from a popular feature with the same name in Art Linkletter’s radio show House Party and television series, Art Linkletter’s House Party, which together aired from 1945 to 1969. The premise of the show is simple: the […]

Sometimes a Handshake is just a Handshake!

The photo of President Obama shaking the hand of Cuban President(only because his older brother became too ill to do the job and the family business had to continue for a few more years) Raul Castro at the funeral service for the late Nelson Mandela reopened the question of US engagement with one of the […]

The Original “Undocumenteds”

They crossed the United States-Mexico border in clear and undeniable violation of the existing immigration law. They came though they knew that they were banned from entering the country. Eventually, the government gave into reality and relaxed the rules—letting those present stay in the country and settle, to become part of its economic development. However, […]